Top 7 Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Due to the climate in the South, a common sight on roofs is dark spots of green or black. This can make the roof of your home or business look unsightly, but did you know it can also cost you money in bills and repairs?

The growth of algae can be a warning sign that you need to get a professional roof cleaning done. Also, if your roof just looks old, it could also be a buildup of dirt and dust. A good cleaning can make it look brand new again.

Professional roof cleaning is much more cost-effective than a roof replacement. In the space of an afternoon, your building could have a whole new lease on life.

If you’ve ever wondered how your roof can look better, keep reading. You’re about to find out the top seven benefits of a professional roof cleaning.

  1. Increased Energy Efficiency

It’s been proven that a roof cleaning can cut your electricity spend almost by half?

A lighter colored roof works best as it’s able to reflect the sun’s rays. It’s the same idea as wearing lighter colors in the summertime to keep you cool. There’s even a term for it, the “cool roof“. This refers to a roof that reflects and absorbs less heat.

That’s why the dark stains on your roof could be trapping heat and making you spend more on cooling your home or office. In addition to painting a roof a lighter color or getting reflective shingles, a roof cleaner can also help.

  1. Protect Your Roof From Damage

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of moss on a roof? Roof algae and moss is a common and unsightly problem. Most people consider it to be unattractive, but not dangerous.

However, they’re wrong. The algae on your roof is a living organism. The limestone filler in shingles is a breeding ground for this pesky growth.

It can make your roof look old and weathered and cause the shingles to deteriorate. Again, you need your roof in order to make your home energy efficient. If your shingles are degraded, you aren’t getting protection from UV rays.

Later down the road, you may have to replace the roof entirely. A professional roof cleaning will maintain your roof so that it isn’t damaged by algae or moss.

  1. Better Curb Appeal

How your property looks from the street, or curb appeal, is an important factor to consider. Curb appeal increases its value to a potential buyer. If you have a commercial property, it not only looks more valuable but also more professional.

A dirty roof is a sight that can make an entire building look unattractive. Energy efficient, light-colored roofs show up stains even more.

In most cases, the roof is perfectly fine and doesn’t need repairs. It just needs a thorough and professional cleaner to go over it. Instead of a harmful pressure cleaning, take care of your roof with a safe professional roof cleaning instead.

  1. Cleaner Gutters

Your gutters are at risk year-round from being clogged and dirty. This gets even worse in autumn when leaves start to fall from trees. Even outside of that season, debris and even insects and animals can clog your gutters.

When they’re clogged, your gutters don’t perform as well. This leads to water stains and can also damage your foundation.

A roof cleaning makes your gutters more efficient. It also makes your home look like it’s being taken care of. Gutters are an often overlooked part of increased curb appeal.

  1. Extending The Life Of Your Roof

As a home or business owner, you’re responsible for keeping your building in good shape. Major parts of the structure like the foundation and roof are the most important to pay attention to so you avoid larger costs from neglect.

The roof keeps your building safe and comfortable and is the part of the building most open to the elements. By taking care of it in a proactive way, you extend its life. You also avoid having to replace or repair this vital element.

Roof cleaning today is a smart way to invest in the longevity of your roof and save you from spending money tomorrow.

  1. Saving Money

You may be thinking of saving on the roof cleaning cost by doing your roof yourself. It’s a misconception to think that roof cleaners charge a lot. In fact, when you consider all the factors, the cost of a cleaning saves you money.

Often a professional cleaning means you won’t have to spend on replacing your entire roof. It can also save you from expensive repairs.

Maintaining a roof is much cheaper overall than replacing or repairing one. You can contact a professional to get a quote that works with your budget. Some places will clean your deck and walls, too, making it an even better deal.

  1. Professional Roof Cleaning Is Safer

No matter how skilled you are, or how much you think it will save you, you should never try to clean your roof yourself.

If you do, there’s a risk that you’ll damage your roof, or yourself. A regular roof is already hazardous, and when you add slippery moss or algae, it’s an even riskier task.

You can also add to that the chance of damaging the surrounding property by using the wrong cleaning supplies or equipment. A professional who’s used to dealing with roofs should be the only ones to attempt this delicate task.

How To Do A Roof Cleaning

Now that you know the benefits of a professional roof cleaning, it’s good to know the two main cleaning methods.

The first one is pressure washing, but this can damage your shingles. A soft wash or chemical clean is a much better option. You’re probably thinking, how can I find a service that does roof cleaning near me?

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