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soft washed, not pressure washedWhen you approach an office building, bank, retailer, hotel or apartment complex and its roofing and exterior is discolored with ugly, dark stains and streaks – what are your immediate thoughts? 

Like most, your first thought is, “this place must be in financial trouble!”

Or perhaps “Maybe, what they offer isn’t so great - they can’t even afford to keep their building looking presentable.”

Remember, Seeing IS Believing!

People instantly, subliminally judge your company, its level of quality, and its competence every time they see your building!  Most importantly, when their perception of your building generates thoughts of “ugly,” “dirty,” or “worn out,” your company’s image is immediately tarnished. 

Consumer trust is lost!  Now, as if you needed another sales and branding hurdle, your products or services must be TWICE as impressive as your competitors to win customers.

When you’re concerned with maintaining an upscale appearance and the integrity of your commercial structure, choose BritesitE for the most knowledgeable and technically experienced professionals to offer comprehensive SoftWash cleaning and protection.

BritesitE has decades of experience in residential renovation, remodeling, new construction and commercial construction and retail, restaurant and commercial property maintenance.  Our years of successfully managing maintenance for commercial properties provide you with confidence and assurance that your property will be well cared for by a group of professionals who understand the important role maintaining your building’s appearance plays in enhancing your company’s image and its bottom line!

A “Clean” Building image After BritesitE’s Professional Exterior Softwash System Cleaning is synonymous with…

  • Clean
  • Well Maintained
  • Secure
  • Safe
  • Welcoming
  • Fresh
  • Structurally Sound
  • Inviting
  • Healthy
  • Relevant
  • Positive
  • Successful
  • Fresh
  • Bright

Why Us?
Proven Solutions & Results

After Soft WashBritesitE offers the finest in transforming homes and commercial properties into Beautiful! 

We safely provide the highest level of professional “perfectionism” while we carefully use the best cleaning solutions to make your home or business’s exterior surfaces appear brand new, again.

So, while you enjoy your day, we quietly renew your property from top to bottom.

Pressure washing is never the safest, most effective way to clean roofs, exterior walls, soffits, bricks, hardscapes and constructed surfaces.  In fact, pressure washing is extremely destructive!

It strips away the outer protective surfaces of everything it encounters, including the protective layers found in roofing materials (thus voiding your roofing manufacturer’s warranty).  Pressure washing and heated power washing damages stucco, painted surfaces, trim and window frames, Hardy Plank and concrete and IEFs.  It will reduce the life of shingles and tiles, even more than the dirt, grime, algae, and black streaking.  Ask a residential repair specialist, or commercial contractor, roofing expert or painting contractor. They will confirm the fact that high pressure applied incorrectly and/or by inexperienced operators can cost more to repair than most property owners realize.

BritesitE's professional team uses Softwash cleaning methods proven to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively remove the ugly, destructive, dark-colored contamination causing the exterior of your home or commercial property to look dirty, unattractive and poorly maintained.  Most importantly, the BritesitE Softwash cleaning methods kill 100% and remove the growing mold, mildew, algae and bacterial roots growing below the surface left behind by pressure washing or power washing or just bleach and water.

Our certified and trained professionals carefully assess, photograph, and clean and develop a plan for each area of commercial properties, parking areas, homes, condominium complexes, retail center, multi-family units, mixed use developments, restaurants and entries, office building, hotels, lodging facilities, or other venue exterior.


Free, friendly and fast consultation and written proposal to ensure complete satisfaction from the first meeting to completion of the job.

Convenient appointment times to accommodate your schedule available.

 Credentials with photographs are sent via email prior to arrival of crew members for clients’ safety and peace of mind.

Polite professionals with the proper SoftWash training to ensure excellent customer service.

 Furniture, statues, potted plants and toys are moved as needed before cleaning and returned neatly after cleaning is completed.

 Quiet methods won’t disturb neighbors, family or peaceful environments.

Commercial and residential properties are made to look NEW again, most within a single day!

Affordable with payment options available.

30+ yrs. Commercial, Residential, Retail, and Historical Preservation Cleaning Experience

5-Year Transferable Warranty

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