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“Our organization’s office is open to the public and our over 1,000 members and member companies.  Over time, its exterior had begun looking dirty and worn.  Its stucco surfaces looked as if they needed repainting and the discolored roof appeared to need replacement.  Thankfully, BritesitE,  ”Like New, NOW” owner contacted us and explained that they renew commercial and residential properties, making them look fresh and new again (typically in a single day). After retaining BritesitE’s services, our office looks new and vibrant.  It gives us a renewed sense of pride for our members and visitors.  BritesitE did a beautiful job!  They are professional and conscientious, and they saved us over $20,000 in potential renovations.  BritesitE defines a “win-win” experience!” — Karen Zito, CEO/Capital Region Builders Association, Baton Rouge, LA
Capital Region Builders Association
“Fabulous! We are quite pleased, THANK YOU so much!” — Copper Alvarez, Executive Director BREADA/Main Street Market, Baton Rouge, LA
Main Street Market in Baton Rouge
“BritesitE did a fantastic job soft-washing my home from top to bottom!  Their process left my house looking as if it had been freshly painted. The crusty, black roof, stone wall, and chimney have all been restored to their original color. They also soft-washed my brick patio, walkways, and driveway, removing years of mildew and moss. Brian and Craig communicated promptly and clearly about the scope of the project, the estimate, and the service date. They showed up on time, worked tirelessly, and gave great attention to detail. They did not miss a spot! I could not be more pleased with their professionalism and courtesy. ” — Ava L. , Baton Rouge, LA
Their process left my house looking as if it had been freshly painted.

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